Thursday, April 23, 2015


A New Journey Begins...want to join me?

Hi All!  Wow!  This is something new and exciting and has been a goal of mine for a while. What pushed me to create this on-line side to my life?  Well, not so much a creative urge but the void that I felt when I followed my obsession with the on-line world of beauty that was dominated (and all for good reasons) by women of much fewer years than myself who were not only dealing with a whole different set of life parameters (many of which I have already walked, skipped, or run through) but whose facial canvas had experienced much less of an impact of time than mine. On top of that I found myself dealing with very different life experiences than those beautiful whom I looked for beauty tips, product recommendations, and how-to sessions.  This does not mean that I do not enjoy every minute I devote to following their blogs, You Tube channels, and social media posts because I do very much, but when I pause a video or close my virtual world, the truth hits me - I am living in a different (not better or worse new but different) and I need advice, recommendations, and tips that fit in my real life world (i.e., a way beyond 40 year old married woman with two children, one of which is in college and one of which is in high school). -

So this is my attempt to talk to and with other women about fun beauty products and tips, family life, and things that make life fun.  I will start off with a strong focus on beauty and add content as you all recommend or as the mood or life event hits me.  this is my first post; and it is (in my world) worthy of attention - and my goal will be to m women who love the families, their worlds around them, and things that make being a woman/wife/mother (fill in your descriptor) fun.   I am not an expert or even well versed, but I love playing with beauty products!

Stay tuned if you are at all curious.  I am excited as I start this journey at a point in my life where things are changing I am having to rediscover myself from a mom of young children, to a mom of teenagers, to a mom of kids moving off on to college and their own lives.  

I look forward to "meeting" all of you.  I hope your days are positive and productive and now a little extra fun!

Until next time!